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On-Demand Taxi App Business Model

The Taxi booking app offers a really good user experience to book a taxi with quick options. With great user interface with google map, with real-time location, the time and the fare calculation. This system also takes care of the driver who wants to make driving business smooth.

How Our Taxi Booking Solution Works


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Customer App Features


Designed to have easy and quick user experience, the Customer application helps the end-users to book the order quickly by looking at the availability of rides from the google map

Select Source Or Destination And Ride Options

User can login and then just do quick booking for the ride,with optional input of source location, destination location and the fare amount suggestion.

User Can See Ride Details

User can see details like current of driver , location of user it self. Fare amount. Payment mode. Timing for driver.

Payment For The Ride

User can do payment when ride gets finished via the card and the via cash mode.

Cancel Ride With Reason

User can cancel the ride, with optional reason.

Rating For The Ride

User can give rating for the ride experience.And an option to make that driver favourite.

Ride History And Refer App

User can see ride details of previously took place. And user can share the app and get refer benefits.

Driver App Features


The Driver application will get ride requests and helps the driver to see revenues from the rides.

Ride Request

Driver can see details of the new ride like distance time and locations, and can have the option to accept or reject the ride

Map Direction

Driver can switch back and forth between inbuilt app map and third party supported map app. For the direction and traffic guidance.


Driver can receive the payment and check the payment status.

Real-Time Status Update

Driver can update real time status of car and ride status.

Admin Panel Features


Admin will manage all users and see the activity of all users. Admin can see reports of the rides, user and revenue of the taxi business.

User Management

Can do add update delete operation on the users and the drivers and admin users.

Ride Management

Can mange ride statuses and can search sort the ride details.

Application Configuration

Admin and given other user roles can configure system variables that can govern the ride business and system Like tax, ride fee, subscription fee, limit variables.

Referrer Management

Admin and given other user roles can configure system variables that can mange the ride business and system Like tax, ride fee, limit variables.

Report Generator

Can generate various reports like, operation actions of users and the rides and the revenues

Push Notification

Can send individual or bulk notification to the user.

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